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Communication: Endless Possibilities Past, Present, Future


Graphic Draft of Figure Personalities

Graphic Draft of Figure Personalities


The final detail - a starburst - recently was added to the base of  Communication: Endless Possibilities Past, Present, Future. The pattern unites the nine figures representing a teacher, an observer, two archivists, a guide, a seeker, an explorer, an activist and an innovator.  The figures, 4 to 7 feet tall, are covered with 2,000 ceramic tiles depicting forms of communication. The teacher’s globe symbolizes the bright potential of communication; the star burst illustrates energy connecting us to the future.

Graphic Draft of Figure Personalities

Graphic Draft of Figure Personalities

Graphic Draft of Figure Personalities


The archivists, the observer, the teacher, the seeker, the guide, the innovator, and the explorer.

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Release for new art commission!

An announcement for the 3rd public art project located at Comporium Telephone Museum, focusing on communication is now available in our downloads section entitled "WAI Endless Possibilities".

Betty Jo Rhea interviews the artist, Carrie Gault, on CN2's City Minute


Renee Oneil interviews Grazier Rhea and Caroline Rust-Ward

WAI Endless Possibilities

"Communication: Endless Possibilities Past, Present, Future" Public Art Commission


WAI is pleased to announce the selection of their next public art project:

"Communication: Endless Possibilities Past, Present, Future"

--A Public Art Commission designed by Artist/Designer Carrie Gault of Floyd, Virginia--

Gault's design proposal, of a contemporary, outdoor design feature/sculpture, was selected by a juried process, led by the WAI Selection Committee.  Applicants and their designs were solicited by a national call for proposals through a popular online platform.

Project & Theme Overview

Gault's design exemplifies this theme of communications and technology the fullest. The design is composed of several figures standing around gazing at a glowing sphere.  Made with fiber optics, the sphere represents all of the potential held in the future of technology. The sphere is being held by a teacher who is surrounded by her students, each representing different technological eras. The figures are to be created with concrete and mosaic tile. The mosaics would include information and imagery of Rock Hill from the time period they represent. The scale of the piece relates proportionately to both the specific site and the audience and will enable the public to comfortably engage with the work and relate to it.

This artwork will be installed at the entry of Comporium's Telephone Museum on Elk Avenue. Located in the historic Old Town District of Rock Hill, the site's surrounding area is highly visible. It is adjacent to a parking lot which serves a number of businesses, such as eateries, the York County Visitor's Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and City Hall. Throughout the year, the site is visited during outdoor events, concerts, and festivals. The site also functions as a gathering place for visitors of all ages making it a point of interest for Old Town Historic Walking Tours.

Project sponsors include the City of Rock Hill, which is providing the location and infrastructure; the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation through its Barre Mitchell Community Initiatives Fund; and Comporium, which was founded in 1894 as Rock Hill Telephone Co. and is now one of the nation's largest telecom companies. 

"Comporium is excited to see progress on the project and to be a part of WAI's efforts to infuse our community with a culture of appreciation for visual arts," Shaun Barnes, Comporium's director of external relations.

Why We Selected this Design and Designer

Gault, has more than 20 years of experience, provided mosaic designs at the Freedom Walkway on Main Street, and has worked on public art projects in Charlotte, Greensboro, Pineville, Miami, Fla., and Floyd, Va. A mosaic instructor, former architecture professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with architecture degrees from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and Boston Architectural Center, she has served on several advisory committees and received numerous private commissions.

Gault's design was chosen as the finalist based upon concept, content, and context.  Here is what the committee has to say about the work:

"Gault's design relates well to our project's theme and we hope it will enrich the public's knowledge of Rock Hill's history and the city's public art landscape. We are intrigued by her vision that blends history with technology, illustrating what can be accomplished through education and ingenuity over time."

Preliminary Timeline:

Contract - Winter 2018-19

Design/Development/Schematics - Spring 2019 (Perhaps March-April)

Fabrication - Summer 2019 (Perhaps May-July)

Installation - Summer/Fall 2019 (Perhaps August, September)


Our Partners


Support for this project is provided in part by the Arts Council of York County Small Grants Program, the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC, Comporium Communications, and the SC Arts Commission, which received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.